1-666-CALL-SAAD - Kalashnikov




KALASHNIKOV = JAMIE SAFT and MIKE PRIDE. 1-666-CALL-SAAD is the culmination of years of planning and countless hours of dedication, sweat, and THRASH METAL!!! With 12+ hours of COMPLETE BRUTALITY: 8 hours of brand new studio material from KALASHNIKOV and 4+ of tracks contributed by a who's who of SAAD related artists: MISS CARLA KIHLSTEDT, MAD SKILLZ MARY HALVORSON, JASON WAYNE SNEED, MR. DORGON, JOE MORRIS, WEASEL WALTER, GINO ROBAIR, and many many more!!! Also includes a HISTORY OF THRASH METAL & AVANT written and narrated by the man himself ED SAAD!!! SKYPESAADNOWNOWNOW!!! and best of all, this digital only release is FREE because FREE RULES!!! THRASH METAL!!! Also includes DELUXE artwork from MIKE PRIDE, brilliant liner notes from KURT GOTTSCHALK, design by DAN STEIN, and additional art and photos from ED SAAD and JASON SHOEMAKER. 2.1 GB of ULTIMATE MICROTONAL THRASH METAL AND AVANT BRUTALITY brought to you by KALASHNIKOVBANGBANG!!

available as a digital download only as 3 zip files totaling 2.1 GB's of data. please make sure to have at least 4.3 GB of space available on the drive you are downloading these files to for the zip file and the unzipped files!!! FREE RULES!!!