BANG BANG - Kalashnikov

BANG BANG - Kalishnikov


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2 cd's/ 154 minutes of aggro-noise-metal - BANG BANG
Art and Design by Brad Sawyer
"Bleak and sinister metal-oriented improv from the duo of Jamie Saft on keys and bass and Mike Pride on drums and hostile and freakish vocals. Kalashnikov is another name for an AK-47, the Soviet assault rifle of choice. A fitting name for this band and release, as Mike Pride's drumming bangs out slamming bullets of percussive action while Saft builds thick distorted worlds of sounds fitting for warfare. Pride's intermittent vocals are bizarre interventions, cross-talk in the chaos, that work to punctuate (or puncture) the incessant drive of these pieces. The pair are joined by Yoshiko O'Hara (Bloody Panda) on vocals and Jonathan Moritz (Evil Eye and Trio Cavaet) on sax for the track "bluezz." Insanely thick and disturbing music."


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Publication: Heavy Metal Universe
Kalashnikov - Bang Bang

How shall I put it ?... This is an incredible record from outter space ! This headblowing duo consists in Jamie Saft on keyboards and bass (ELECTRIC MASADA, JAMIE SAFT TRIO and others) and Mike Pride on drums, voice and other flutes. The album features 2 cds and more than 2 hours of ground-shaking low-pitched cocktail of doom metal and noise. Influences seem to come from black metal, death metal, doom metal, blues, noise and free-jazz, but in the end it appears to be far more than just a melting-pot. It's more experimental than black and death, doomier than doom, more extreme than both noise and jazz, and maybe crazier than any other musical style. This crazyness comes from contrast between some repetitive bass lines and Pride's improvisations on drums, but also from the alien voices and the diversity of the whole stuff. An opus like no one else, for unique listeners.